Past Events

November 2010

Whiskers in Wonderland - Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals (Pet Adoption Event)

Pet Adoption Event 2010:
Music My Pet creator Tom Nazziola attended this event to "meet and greet" visitors and also sign copies of "Classic Cuts" and "Holiday Treats" CDs. Music My Pet was honored to provide background music for both days of the event.

       Susan Richard (News anchor on 1010
       WINS All For and Tom Nazziola       (Founder; Music My Pet)
          (photo from left to right) Diane Gauld, Jane         Hoffman (founder of Mayor's Alliance for        NYC's Animals), Steve Gruber, Tom Nazziola

Name of show: Meadowlands Pet Expo
Location: Meadowlands Expo Center at Harmon Meadows, 355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094

May 2010:

Name of show: Charlotte Pet Expo.


March 2010:

Name of show: Super Pet Expo

Name of show: Global Pet Expo.


February 2010:

New Jersey Convention Center & Exposition Center

“Ahhhh...Music My Pet.....”
“...Music to my ears!!!!”


October 2009:

Annual Pet Industry Backers Christmas Show
During our most recent trade show, the 2009 Annual Pet Industry Backers Christmas Show was another great opportunity to meet people from pet boutiques, distributors and major retail stores. As with all shows, we were pleased with the reception and general support for our product.


February 2009:

2009 Global Pet Expo
Our recent participation in the 2009 Global Pet Expo was well received by pet boutiques, distributors and major retail stores. As with past shows, we were pleased to see the interest and general support for our product by those in the industry.


September 2008:

Superzoo show
Our introduction to the Superzoo show in Las Vegas (2008) was very productive. We met hundreds of new companies with great reactions to our CD. At this show we had the honor of being awarded 3rd place for “Best New Product” ” by the Worldwide Pet Industry Association. Inc.


April 2008:

Everything Pets Show:
The “Everything Pets ” show in Columbus, OH was a great success! We sold hundreds of CDs directly to consumers. This was a great opportunity to meet with people and get feedback on our “Classic Cuts” CD. Some of our patrons were already fans of the work I’ve done with Baby Einstein and it was very pleasing to see them become additional supporters of Music My Pet.


February 2008:

American Pet Product Association:
We recently attended the APPA show in San Diego, CA and met with many wonderful people in the pet industry. Many vendors not only visited our booth but also tested our CD on their pets throughout the duration of the convention. One such vendor called me on my cell phone to express her delight at seeing her dog rest comfortably on the bed while falling asleep to our “Classic Cuts” CD following a long day at the show. We are always delighted to hear success stories - especially in situations where anxiety is a major problem.

Video clip is from the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association of which we are a certified member. Over 40% of the attendees were from outside the United States.