Research: Basic Facts!

Rule of thumb when choosing soothing music for your pet: If you find that the music you’re listening to calms you, it will most likely calm your pet. ☺
Research has proven that playing classical music for hens helps them to hatch more eggs.
Studies have proven that playing classical music in shelters has increased adoptions because: a.) dogs bark less b.) they exhibit calm behavior and c.) as a result, people stay longer to select a pet. Shelters are spending thousands of dollars each year on sound systems and music to help create a serene environment.
Studies have shown that cats will relax in front of speakers playing classical music.
Classical music is being used around the world to alleviate stress and heal sickness in cats, dogs, chimpanzees and many other animals.
Research has proven that dogs and cats actually show a preference for certain kinds of music – classical being the most popular choice.
Music performed on the harp is used throughout the world as a means of healing sick animals and reducing stress.
Classical music calms adolescent chimpanzees so that they do not beat on themselves or smash glass (common behavioral patterns).
Research has shown that playing classical music decreases barking in dogs... especially the music of Bach.
Leaving the radio or television on in the background can actually cause stress in animals due to drastic changes in programming and musical styles which may not create a relaxed atmosphere.
Research has proven that playing classical music for cows increases their milk supply by 3%.