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Classic Cuts has been produced using soothing sounds proven to calm dogs, cats, birds and other pets. Play it when you leave the house, or whenever your pet needs to relax. Its safe, natural and effective. Its the perfect gift for your favorite pet or pet owner!

Track Selections:

1.) No.1 in E Major Op.19, No.1 - Mendelssohn; 2.) 2nd movement, Op.36, Symphony No.2 in D Major - Beethoven 3.) The Gardener - Brahms; 4.) Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C Major - Bach; 5.) Op.30, No.3 in E Major - Mendelssohn; 6.) Stckchen, Op.68 - Schumann 7.) 1st movement, String Quartet No.14 in C# Minor, Op.131 - Beethoven; 8.) Prelude, Suite No.1 in G Major for solo Cello - Bach; 9.) Sonata No.3 for Piano in F Minor, Op.5 - Brahms; 10.) Impromptu, Op.90, No.3 in G flat - Schubert 11.) Adagio Cantabile, Sonata Pathtique, Op.13, - Beethoven; 12.) Song of the Reaper, Op.68 - Schumann; 13.) ***, Op.68 - Schumann; 14.) Sarabande - Alessandro Scarlatti; 15.) Arabeske in C Major, Op.18 - Schumann; 16.) Des Abends, Op.12 - Schumann; 17.) Kleine Studie, Op.68 - Schumann; 18.) Einsame Blumen, Op.82 - Schumann; 19.) Etude in E Major, Op.10, No.3 - Chopin; 20.) 2nd movement, Op.163, String Quintet in C Major - Schubert; 21.) Op.30, No.1 in E Flat major - Mendelssohn; 22.) Intermezzo, Op.118, No.2 - Brahms